Eventos del sector del plástico

PlasticsEurope organiza y participa en eventos para mejorar la sensibilización respecto a las ventajas de los plásticos y cómo ayudan a abordar los principales retos de la sociedad.

eventos del sector del plástico


PlasticsEurope organiza y participa en toda una gama de eventos dirigidos a mejorar la sensibilización respecto a los beneficios del plástico y cómo pueden ayudar a abordar los retos que plantea el siglo XXI. Simplemente haga clic en el enlace para obtener más información sobre un evento.



18th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC 2019)

The IERC 2019 is the recycling industry's most important event, bringing together over 500 international producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, refurbishers, standards bodies, NGOs, regulators and many more.

IdentiPlast 2019

14th International Conference on the Recycling and Recovery of Plastics

19th International Automobile Recycling Congress

The congress is a platform to exchange the latest information, to meet your business partners and to get easy access to new potential clients. "With the patronage of PlasticsEurope"

The Vinylplus Sustainable Forum 2019

The Vinyl Sustainability Forum is an annual event jointly organised by ECVM and VinylPlus to engage in an open and constructive dialogue on sustainability with a wide range of industry and external stakeholders. It brings together representatives from the entire PVC industry value chain as well as policy makers, consumer groups, retailers, architects and NGOs.

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