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26 Nov 2019, 12:47
Industry4Europe, a coalition of 149 sector Associations representing the diversity of the EU’s industrial base, today published its new Joint Paper ‘A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action’.
23 Oct 2019, 16:54
During a meeting held in Düsseldorf at the K trade show, the three Presidents of the European plastics industry associations, Renato Zelcher (European Plastics Converters), Javier Constante (PlasticsEurope) and Ton Emans (Plastic Recyclers Europe), agreed to oppose the Italian Government’s tax proposal of 1000 € per ton of plastic packaging.
17 Oct 2019, 14:05
The industry’s progress and new developments to increase sustainability and circularity of plastics were unveiled today at the PlasticsEurope press conference at K 2019, the world’s number 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber.
10 Oct 2019, 13:15
The fourth edition of the European Youth Debating Competition (EYDC), a platform bringing together youngsters from across Europe, concluded with the European Finals and the Awarding Ceremony yesterday in Berlin.
3 Jul 2019, 14:26
PlasticsEurope and Karl-H. Foerster have agreed, that as of 1 September 2019, Karl-H. Foerster will leave as the Executive Director of PlasticsEurope for personal reasons by mutual consent.
20 Jun 2019, 16:39
VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry, recycled nearly 740,000 tonnes of PVC in 2018, a 15.6% increase from 2017.
18 Jun 2019, 17:10
“Rethink, Reuse, Recycle: how would you shape a sustainable future with plastics and petrochemicals?” It is under this overarching theme that more than 70 students from 13 schools from across the UK gathered on 17th June at King´s College in London.
3 Jun 2019, 15:16
This is the topic discussed by over 80 young people under 19, coming from 10 schools in Lombardy
27 May 2019, 13:54
The youth debate organised in Kraków was the fourth of 7 planned events of the European Youth Debating Competition (EYDC), organised by the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) and PlasticsEurope.
21 May 2019, 14:10
75 students from across Benelux debated on the topic of “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle: how would you shape a sustainable future with plastics and petrochemicals?” in Brussels on 17th May.