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In memoriam Dr Rüdiger Baunemann

It is with great sadness that PlasticsEurope needs to inform that Dr Rüdiger Baunemann, Director General of PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. passed away unexpectedly on 17 April 2020. Dr Baunemann headed PlasticsEurope Deutschland e. V. since 2011 and was, as such, responsible for both the German office and Central Region of PlasticsEurope.

Recyclamer, the aquatic vacuum

It is rectangular, covered with solar panels, can slip in anywhere and can manoeuvre in all directions. In a word, it is unique! Its name is Recyclamer, a solar-powered robot capable of cleaning up aquatic environments by collecting both solid and liquid waste.

The water bottle comes back into style

Long considered an old-fashioned object that summoned vague memories of camping trips and mountain hikes, and accordingly forgotten at the back of a wardrobe, the water bottle is now making a comeback.

Inside Food Contact Materials

What you need to know: Plastic Food Contact Materials play a crucial role in preserving food from contaminants and preventing food waste.

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