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Solar impulse 2 celebrating the Earth Day

The Earth day has been celebrated at international level since 1990. Once a year, this thematic day brings awareness about environmental topics worldwide.

Open and inclusive debate launched on Marine Litter

What do we know about marine litter? What policies are being implemented to prevent marine litter and create a circular economy? What is the role of the plastics industry in reducing marine litter?

Behind PlasticsEurope’s internship programme

Three guys, 12 months, lots of experiences: This is in short the outcome so far of the internships we’ve spent at PlasticsEurope in Brussels … An internship can be what you want it to be, depending on the type of experience you are seeking. At PlasticsEurope, we were constantly provided with the tools to gain valuable learning experience and expand our skillsets.

Istanbul Plastics Summit brings enhance cooperation

On the 3rd December, the Turkish Plastic Industry Foundation (PAGEV) hosted the Istanbul Plastics Summit. The aim was to increase cooperation and alignment between PlasticsEurope and PAGEV members for a common approach to current issues faced in the EU and Turkey.

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