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World’s First Plastic Composite Lighthouse

Low construction costs, little maintenance and a short construction period made plastic composite materials the material of choice for the construction of a lighthouse in Valencia, Spain.

Plastics - Aiming for Gold at Rio 2016

Plastics applications offer endless possibilities to the Olympic Games. From artificial turf, sporting attire, sport equipment, to the venues, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games show that plastics truly are the champions of the games.

Solar Impulse 2 landed in Abu Dhabi!

The "Solar Impulse 2" completed its last leg of a round-the-world-journey and landed in Abu Dhabi – more than a year after its initial take off, marking the end of a 40,000 kilometers journey.

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Spain after Successful Ocean Crossing

Solar Impulse 2 (SI2), hailed as a concentration of clean technologies – a genuine flying laboratory, is a single-seater aircraft made of carbon fibre that has a 72m wingspan (larger than a Boeing 747) for a weight of 2300kg (the equivalent of an empty family car)

Polish winners of the European Youth Debating Competition

The youth debate in Poland organized on 31 May in the Business School of Warsaw Technical University; it was the fifth of 9 planned events of the European Youth Debating Competitions, organised by EPCA (the European Petrochemical Association) and PlasticsEurope.

Italy: Winners of the European Youth Debating Competition announced

Friday, 27 May, over 60 Italian students from different schools gathered for the Italian final of the European Youth Debating Competition, during which they debated on the future of the petrochemical and plastics industry, but also on STEM education, sustainability as key elements of Europe’s continued competitiveness. Federchimica, the Italian Federation of the chemical industry, welcomed and supported the debate, held in Milano.

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