David Carroll, Director External Affairs of PlasticsEurope recently featured in an article by NS Packaging.

Tackling plastic waste, accelerating recycling and reuse continue to be our number one priority at all times and even more so in the Green Recovery. David Carroll shared his insights about how Covid-19 has impacted waste management services across Europe. “In some countries, collections have either stopped or slowed, and similarly separate collections didn’t happen in some places, and that’s been a challenge.”

Proper collection and sorting are essential to boost recycling and enable more recyclates to be used in new products. “There are still many countries where all plastic waste is not separately collected. It would make it easier to recycle that waste if it was properly sorted and collected separately, and this has been increasing over the last 10 to 12 years.”, said Carroll. Chemical recycling will contribute on top of mechanical recycling to close the loop to achieve a complete circular economy model. “Chemical recycling is a much newer technology at an earlier stage of development and rollout, but it’s an area where I think we see a lot of promise and potential to make plastics a truly circular material.”

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