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Youngsters from across Germany debate on Rethink, Reuse, Recycle

On 4th May 2019, more than 50 students from all over Germany engaged in a fascinating debate on the topic of “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle: how would you shape a sustainable future with plastics and petrochemicals?”at the House of Literature in Frankfurt.

IdentiPlast 2019: beating all records!

The 14th edition of IdentiPlast, Europe’s leading conference focused on the recycling and recovery of used plastics opened its doors on 7 March under the motto “Plastics, Sustainability and Society”, attracting over 340 participants coming from all over Europe and the World, thereby making it the largest IdentiPlast ever!

PlasticsEurope contributing to the new Plastic Leak project

The Plastics Leak Project will develop a worldwide mapping of the plastic leak to the environment along value chains. Brought together with product Life Cycle Assessment results, this information will help to implement the most effective actions addressing in priority “hot spots” and avoiding the shift of environmental issues from different places or from different categories of impact.