Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is one of the most widely used commodity polymers. It has been a material of choice for more than 50 years because of its versatility, performance and cost effectiveness. It is widely used in many everyday applications.



EPS is a thermoplastic product with a unique combination of qualities, including: light weight, strength, durability, shock absorption properties, insulating properties and excellent processability.


EPS is used in many applications, including:

  • Thermal insulation in buildings.

  • Road construction.

  • Sound insulation.

  • Packaging.

  • Food packaging to maintain the temperature of hot or cold food and prevent spoilage.

  • Protection for valuable and fragile goods.

  • Crash helmets.

  • Windsurfing boards.



Evaluation of test results obtained from dioxin analyses made on expanded polystyrene samples containing a polymeric brominated flame retardant  (December 2013)


For more information, see: https://eumeps.org