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Episode 1:
Closing the loop on chemical recycling in Europe

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Olympic Games: Polymers back in the game

100 years of plastics

Unlimited possibilities for the future

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Plastics - the Facts 2020

An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data

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“Sustainable Plastics Strategy” Report

By the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) and its partners, including PlasticsEurope.

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Latest Operation Clean Sweep® news

Collaboration agreement on first ever European OCS certification scheme signed

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PlasticsEurope's Videos

Dr Michel Cassart speaks to Technology Networks about food contact materials

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Plastics 2030

PlasticsEurope’s Voluntary Commitment to increasing circularity and resource efficiency

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RECOUP win Innovate UK funding for plastics recycling communications research

Charity, and leading plastics recycling organisation, RECOUP, have secured a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to co-fund an industry-led communications and behaviour change research project in Kent.




Focus Areas

Plastics head off to summer sun

Lightweight, weatherproof and strong, everyone will be packing plastics for the great summer getaway. Without plastics, you can forget about water sports, picnics or hiking! But at a time of scientific concern about plastic litter in the oceans, they have to be kept doing strictly what they’re meant to.
Focus Areas

The plastics that are worth the trip

Although it was still preserve of a certain elite a few decades ago, travel has become more affordable. The Internet revolutionised the organisational side of travel, and polymers made it easier by providing optimal comfort for travellers...

Plastics head off to summer sun


The plastics that are worth the trip


A self-inflating safety device


An ergonomic armrest to combine telecommuting and comfort


Tomorrow’s vehicles: polymers lending their weight to the future

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