Dr Markus Steilemann, new President of PlasticsEurope

"In light of current global challenges, the plastics industry is absolutely crucial to build a truly sustainable future and make the circular economy the new global guiding principle.
Our members have already embarked on this transformative journey and I look very much forward to continue working with all actors across value cycles to realise it together."

Polymers fortifying robotics

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Plastics 2030

PlasticsEurope’s Voluntary Commitment to increasing circularity and resource efficiency

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Strategy for plastics

PlasticsEurope’s reaction to the European Commission communication

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Virginia Janssens: Sustainability Insights

Sustainability pervades many sectors of the economy. Virginia Janssens cautioned against substitution with alternative materials which is not based on life-cycle analysis.




Focus Areas

Fashion: plastics have style

Plastics and fashion are a perfect match, and that is nothing new. Initially used for their modernity, their practicality and elasticity soon became their most sought-after characteristics.

Plastics: a major step towards the circular economy


Fashion: plastics have style


Chrysalis, the machine that converts plastic waste into fuel


Seabin, a new kind of floating bin


Unique skateboards made from recovered plastic bottle caps

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