Recycling and Recovery

Fluoropolymers are usually employed in small components in specific complex applications such as electronic equipment, transport (cars, trains and airplanes) or as very thin layer coatings on fabrics and metals. Where sufficient quantities of fluoropolymers can be recovered and may be sufficient to warrant recycling then they should be shipped to specialist recyclers.

A very substantial market exists for recovered fluoropolymers as low friction additives to other materials. For example PTFE is typically ground into fine powders and used in such products as inks and paints.

Fluoropolymer waste should be incinerated in authorised incinerators. Preferably, non-recyclable fluoropolymers should be sent to incinerators with energy recovery. Disposal in authorised landfills is also acceptable.
Did you know ?
  • This skate is made from used plastics fishing nets abandoned on the beaches and oceans.