Applications for fluoropolymers are driven by their superior physical and chemical properties.

Chemical Inertness

Fluoropolymers are used in harsh environments where their chemical resistance has made them very useful in the many industrial processes such as linings for vessels and piping, fly ash collector bags, gasket packing, semiconductor equipment, carrier materials, chemical tanks and as packing for lithium-ion batteries.

High Dielectric

The dielectric properties of these unique polymers have made possible the miniaturisation of circuit boards. This concept is responsible for the very latest in high-speed, high-frequency radar and communications found in the newest defence systems as well as in the next generation of ultra high speed computers.

Flame Retardancy

Fluoropolymers meet exacting industry standards in relation to electrical properties and flame retardancy. Examples of these applications are wire coating (robots, personal computers, communication industry, response to high frequencies, electrical systems in aircraft, etc.) fibre optics, cable coating and electrical and electronic components.

Low Friction

Fluoropolymers exhibit very low coefficients of friction. For example PTFE is uniquely used as bearing pads for bridges. Where this characteristic is used in abrasive environments inert fillers are often added to improve their abrasion resistance. For example high performance automotive and aircraft bearings and seals are now commonly made from fluoropolymers.

Non Stick

Fluoropolymers are used in everyday life as their unique characteristics offer advantages. They are used in household kitchenware coatings (pans, rice cookers, knives etc.), fixed rolls for printers, parts for transferring paper in photocopiers.


The performance of fluoropolymers does not deteriorate significantly in an outdoor environment. They are suitable for use over long periods of time without maintenance. They are used in architectural applications, as films for greenhouse applications, photovoltaic cell film cover and UV resistant paints.

Inertness and Barrier Properties

The bio-medical field uses fluoropolymers in devices such as catheters and other parts with which to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Fluoropolymers’ superior barrier properties are exploited in pharmaceutical packaging where their high resistance to moisture protects pharmaceutical products. Fluoropolymers have a high resistance to gasoline and this property is exploited in parts manufactured for the automotive industry.
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