Fluoropolymers are used in:
  • High-performance automotive and aircraft bearings and seals, to improve the performance and safety of aircraft and automobiles
  • Flame retardants, to reduce fire risk in high-rise buildings and reduce industrial and automotive pollution
  • Coatings on many kitchen products, such as pots, pans, knives, spatulas etc. thanks to their high thermal stability and non-stick properties
  • The linings of piping and chemical tanks, and in packing for lithium-ion batteries, thanks to their ability to handle harsh environments
  • Cable coating in the telecommunications and computer industries, because of their high electrical resistance and good dielectric properties
  • Implantable parts and catheters for bio-medical applications, because of their resistance to chemicals
Did you know ?
  • This pen with a water bottle shape is called B2P (From bottle to pen) and is made of 89% of plastic coming from recycled bottles of water.
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