Bio-based plastics are mostly used in packaging which is the most dominant application for bio-based plastics, including starch-blends, PLA, bio-PET, bio-PE. Bio-PP is still in a pilot phase.  Besides packaging, PLA is also used as fibers in the textile sector.

Bio-based succinic acid is suitable for several applications in sports & footwear; automotive; packaging; industry; agriculture; non-wovens and fibers.

Bio-based specialty polyamides are used in the automotive and in sport & leisure sectors. PA 4.10 for example is applied in sports & leisure, automotive interior and exterior, consumer electronics and furniture.

Bio-based thermoplastic copolyester elastomers are used in high-tec applications like specialty packaging and alternative energy.


Did you know ?
  • Many football stadia in France have lightweight translucent plastic roofs, protecting fans against rain and bringing natural light to the lawn. (Photo: ┬ęSerge Ferrari)