Winners of UEFA Euro 2016 Match Balls
and Quiz Answers

The 2016 European Football Championship in France is now over – so is our online quiz! PlasticsEurope is happy to announce the 6 winners of the UEFA Euro 2015 Official Match Balls. Congratulations to all the winners!

9 out of 9 correct answers

Asier- Madrid, Spain
Giovanni- Sassari, Italy
Elaine- Manchester, UK
Daniela- Berlin, Germany
Gaignault- Paris, France
Hubert- Biala, Poland

"UEFA Euro 2016" Quiz: The right answers

Discover the correct answers to the quiz:

1. When and where was the first UEFA Euro Football Championship held? Which country was the winner?
  • Germany, in 1965, with Italy as the winner
  • France, in 1960, with Soviet Union as the winner
  • Spain, in 1957, with England as the winner
ANSWER: France, in 1960, with Soviet Union as the winner

2. How many times has the host country won its home tournament?
  • Three times
  • Five times
  • One time
ANSWER: Three times

3. Which nation is the most successful team in the history of the tournament?
  • Italy and France
  • France and Germany
  • Germany and Spain
ANSWER: Germany and Spain

4. What is the name of the UEFA Euro football championship 2016 official match ball?
  • Tango 12
  • Beau Jeu
  • Brazuca
ANSWER: Beau Jeu

5. True or False: The 2016 official match ball is made up of 6 polyurethane panels thermally bonded together.
  • True
  • False

6. Is it possible for football cleats made with plastics to be watertight and at the same time allow the player’s feet to breathe?
  • Yes
  • No

7. How many kilometres does an average football player run in a typical match?
  • 2 kilometres
  • 5 kilometres
  • Over 10 kilometres
ANSWER: Over 10 kilometres

8. True or False: primary kit sponsors are now creating eco-friendly kits using recycled plastic bottles and polymers.
  • True
  • False

9. Which UEFA Euro 2016 venue features photovoltaic panels mounted on its roof converting sunlight into electric energy?

  • Stade Pierre Mauroy (Lille)
  • Allianz Riviera Stade (Nice)
  • Stade de France (Paris)
ANSWER: Allianz Riviera Stade (Nice)

*The correct answers are based on the information we had prior to the European Football Championship 2016.

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Did you know ?
  • A large German automobile manufacturer is using recycled PET bottles for seat cushions in some of their car product series.