Winners of Plastics and Rio 2016 
and Quiz Answers

The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio are now over – so is our online quiz! PlasticsEurope is happy to announce the winners of the Plastics and Rio 2016 Quiz.

Congratulations to all the winners!

PRIZE: Hu Fitness & Sleep Tracker (9 correct replies)

Ayse Akkaya, BASF Türk, Istanbul, Turkey
Ash Brown, Precision Molded Plastics, Upland, USA
Natalia Leon Patino, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotà D.C., Colombia
Ferran Marti, AIMPLAS, Paterna, Spain
Amir Naderi, Trinseo, Hoek, Netherlands
Sophie Corbet, Dow, Chauny, France

PRIZE: Sport Duffle (8 correct replies)

Elisàngela Bueno, MaxiQuim, Porto Alegre, Brazil

PRIZE: Sustainable Water Bottle (7 correct replies)

Tom Henkens, Dow Chemical, Terneuzen, Netherlands
Aurelia Seechurn, UIC, Puteaux, France 

"Plastics and Rio 2016" Quiz: The right answers

Discover the correct answers to the quiz:

1. How many square metres of artificial turf were used on the London 2012 Olympic Hockey Pitches?
  • 20,000 
  • 40,000 
  • 80,000
ANSWER: 40,000

2. Which PlasticsEurope member company is sponsoring this quiz?
  • Daikin 
  • Dow
  • Dyneon

3. In which Olympic Games did "Team Kunststoff" sponsored by PlasticsEurope Deutschland participate for the first time?
  • Sydney 2000 
  • Athens 2004
  • Bejing 2008
ANSWER: Sydney 2000

4. How much more can a pitch reinforced with artificial turf fibres be played on in comparison to a natural grass pitch?
  • Twice as much
  • Three times as much
  • Four times as much
ANSWER: Three times as much

5. Half of the plastic in the ribbons which will be used to hang the medals around athletes’ necks comes from …
  • Recycled plastic bags
  • Recycled plastic ribbons
  • Recycled plastic bottles
ANSWER: Recycled plastic bottles

6. How many of the sport venues hosting the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games are equiped with seats made out of engineering plastics?

  • 7

7. How many modular plastic water tanks will provide a reliable water supply for athletes, officials and referees staying in the athletes' Village in Barra?
  • 8
  • 18
  • 28

8. Which key functions and qualities do plastics bring to paralympics athletes?
  • wear-resistance
  • lightness
  • flexibility
ANSWER: all three answers are right

9. When was the first edition of the summer paralympics held?
  • 1952
  • 1960
  • 1962
ANSWER: 1960

10. At the Helsinki Olympics in 1952, American athlete Bob Richards won the gold medal and set a new Olympic Record in pole vault with 4.55 m, using a bamboo stick. How high was the jump of the current winner of Men's pole vault in the Olympic Games in London 2012 using a carbon fibre reinforced plastics stick?  
  • almost 5 metres
  • almost 6 metres
  • almost 7 metres
ANSWER: almost 6 metres

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Did you know ?
  • Many football stadia in France have lightweight translucent plastic roofs, protecting fans against rain and bringing natural light to the lawn. (Photo: ©Serge Ferrari)