Best Lightweight Innovation

Treofan/Borealis (Germany/Austria)

PHD1.9 – Polypropylene Capacitor Film of 1.9 μm thickness

This award recognises a company, which has created a product in any plastic technology that helped reduced weight for itself or for the end-product.

Treofan developed ultra thin capacitor films down to 1,9 um with a very high level of thickness homogeneity field stressability, low energy losses and very good mechanical characteristics.
Borealis AG developed a super pure, high isotactic polypropylene homopolymer with a novel polymer design that enables the production of these ultra-fins films.
Treofan and Borealis are planning to further improve those films enabling to additionally reduce thickness for increasing volume efficiency, thermal resistance and electrical break down voltage levels.
Did you know ?
  • The first bio-based car was build 73 ago with a body made of soybeans/hemp (70%) and resin binder (30%)
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