Strategy on Plastics

By the end of this year, the European Commission plans to release its Communication on its’ "Strategy on Plastics in the circular economy” as part of the action plan for the Circular Economy as developed in December 2017.

The Commission Communication is expected to address three interrelated issues: high dependence on virgin fossil feedstock, low rate of recycling and reuse of plastics, and significant leakage of plastics into the environment.

This Strategy offers unique opportunities to shape the future of Europe and move towards to more circularity and resource efficiency. Also, many challenges need to be addressed, such as the preservation of natural resources, environment and consumers’ safety, while ensuring societal well-being. Furthermore specific action needs to be taken to reduce marine litter with a view to implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (from 2015 onwards).

With this upcoming Communication in mind, PlasticsEurope developed it’s view and strategy towards a more sustainable, circular and resource efficient economy. The view paper and the animation are key tools to illustrate PlasticsEurope’s views. The animation describes how Full Life Cycle Thinking allows us to use our valuable resources in a responsible way and how plastics can contribute to resource efficiency at each stage of a products’ life cycle.

PlasticsEurope's Views on a Strategy on Plastics:

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PlasticsEurope's Views on Eco-design with Plastics within the Circular Economy:

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Animation on Full Life Cycle Thinking:

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