Our activities

As the official voice of the European plastics manufacturers, PlasticsEurope develops and provides legislative, environmental, technical and communications programmes.


PlasticsEurope represents the plastics industry’s views by:
  • Providing fact based information and data to European opinion formers;
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders both at European and national level;
  • Presenting the industry’s view at European and national levels;
  • Safeguarding fair trade for its products.


PlasticsEurope highlights the sustainability of plastics as a raw material by:
  • Explaining best practices on the production, use and waste management of plastics;
  • Providing the environmental fingerprints - the so called eco-profiles - of more than 75 polymers and their intermediates;
  • Confirming the contribution of plastics as a protector of energy and resources;
  • Highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of plastic as a recyclable and recoverable material.


PlasticsEurope endeavours to make people aware of the benefits of plastic products by:
  • Demonstrating benefits and sustainability of the use of plastics materials;
  • Promoting a balanced view of plastics as the material for the 21st century.

President PlasticsEurope
Executive Director