PlasticsEurope has a governing body called the General Assembly made up of members. A Steering Board guides the Executive Director and Leadership Team on strategy, budget and policy. The Steering Board is supported by Regional Advisory Boards and the Coordination Committee. The Leadership Team is the operational centre of the organisation. This team consists of an Executive Director, Functional Directors and Regional Directors and is responsible for proposing strategies, building and driving projects and ensuring delivery.

The Regional Advisory Boards ensure that special needs of countries are sufficiently considered, while the task of the Coordination Committee is as follows:

  • Reviews and directs horizontal core activities and keys priorities
  • Develops recommendations and advises on core activities
  • Develops core budget proposal
  • Appoints and dissolves Working Groups deemed necessary for the performance of its remit within the agreed budget
The roles & responsibilities of the Regional Groups:
  • Provide regional input into the Coordination Committee for the core activities
  • Responsible for the implementation of the core activities
  • Support to Product Groups
  • Propose, decide and pay for non-core regional budget as required
  • Chaired by Steering Board member
The roles & responsibilities of the Product Groups:
  • Provide inputs into the Coordination Committee for the Core activities
  • Manage issues related to specific to Product Groups
  • Propose, decide and pay for Product Group specific budget
  • Sponsor by Steering Board member

PlasticsEurope regional centres

Central Region
RĂ¼diger Baunemann

Iberica Region
Ignacio Marco

Mediterranean Region
Giuseppe Riva

North Region
Kim Michael Christiansen

West Region
Michel Loubry

PlasticsEurope Headquarters
Karl-H. Foerster

President PlasticsEurope
Executive Director