CP Pallet system

Registration for CP Pallets manufacturers

The CP pallet system is a successful exchange pool that was started in 1993 and run by PlasticsEurope (called APME - Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe – at that time). Its objective was to standardize the models of wooden pallets used by the chemical and polymer industry. Today more than a thousand companies are registered to produce CP pallets throughout Europe and the rest of the world.   

All requests to register as a manufacturer in this CP pallet system is to be sent to PlasticsEurope Services. Companies applying for registration are subject to an administrative analysis, an initial inspection of the production site and accept to strictly apply the manufacturing specifications of the 9 CP pallets models described in the current CP specifications. Issue n°7, dated July 2017, published under the PlasticsEurope copyright can be downloaded on:  http://www.plasticseurope.org/plastics-industry/cp-pallet-system.aspx.

The manufacturing specifications include the obligation for producers to comply with ISPM 15 regulations. Simultaneously, in order to increase protection of CP pallets against unfair competition, CP pallet producers will require the use of the CERTIPAL® trademark on each produced CP pallet.  

The new registration as a CP producer is granted after the positive conclusion of both the administrative analysis and the production site inspection. The initial cost of registration through PlasticsEurope Services is 1.250 EUR.  This process will be performed for each individual production site that requires a registration number called "manufacturer code”. In other words, a company producing CP pallets on multiple sites will need to request several manufacturer codes.    

After the signature of a License Agreement and payment of an annual fee for regular inspections and management costs, the new registrant will receive a "manufacturer code” as well as the CERTIPAL® trademark. The manufacturer code is to be displayed on the pallet’s middle blocks, preferably by branding.  The ISPM15 sign is to be displayed on the left blocks and the CERTIPAL® logo on right blocks.  

The regular inspections are performed on a random basis – 3 to 4 times a year – by a professional inspection company with experience in the pallets industry. Together with the management fee, these are charged 1.470 EUR on a yearly basis.  Additionally, a variable fee of 3 eurocents per produced CP pallet is charged quarterly.  

For new registration requests, please contact Mrs Vanessa Hum, at PlasticsEurope Services sprl, Avenue E. Van Nieuwenhuyse 4, Box 3, 1160 Brussels, Belgium
e-mail: vanessa.hum@plasticseurope.org

Renewal of an existing registration can be obtained through info@certipal.org