First European Plastics Innovation Awards to be launched in 2015

The European Plastics Industry and SPE partner to celebrate the excellence of plastics

The European Plastics Industry represented by EuPC and PlasticsEurope, together with the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), have partnered to launch the first edition of the European Plastics Innovation Awards. The awards will distinguish companies demonstrating outstanding and highly innovative developments in the field of plastics technology.  

The awards will be divided into eight different categories: Best Plastics Design, to recognise the use of novelty in plastics technology; Best Design for end-of life, to acknowledge those designs which  consider the end-of-life of the product; Intelligent and Smart Plastic, to reward the integration of electronics in a plastic part of a plastic product; Material Innovation  in recognition of the creation of a new material, new material blends and/or new additives/fillers allowing such a product to be made; Hybrid Product, in acknowledgement of those new plastics products which combine different materials to achieve new properties or new applications; Best Substitute Product for Enhance sustainability, to reward the creation of new plastics products which improve sustainability; Best Lightweight Innovation, to give recognition to those new plastics products in any plastics technology which reduces the weight for itself or for the end-product, and finally, New Surfaces for Plastics Parts, to reward those developments of any new product which has improved any visual aspect or tactile properties or functional surface aspects.   

The jury will be integrated by experts from the world of academia, politics, industry as well as NGOs and trade press who will evaluate the projects presented. The composition of the jury will be announced soon.  

All companies that play a role in the value chain of plastics products, from the larger chemical companies to the plastic converting SMEs, without exceptions, can submit their projects until 15 June 2015.

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PlasticsEurope AISBL
Nuria Buezas  

For rules / guidelines or other details, please contact Carine Roos at SPE
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