Energy Union, an opportunity to ensure a truly single European energy market

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings will strengthen EU’s economy

With the European Commission’s announcement of an Energy Union framework, PlasticsEurope highlights the opportunity to ensure the completion of a single European energy market and access to competitive costs for energy and raw materials to ensure a sustainable growth in Europe.  

"The European plastics industry is providing more than 1.4 million jobs working in more than 60.000 companies in Europe. Therefore, having access to competitive costs for energy and raw materials is important for our industry and European society at large” said Karl-H. Foerster, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope. "Our industry is a strategic partner for economic recovery and sustainable growth in Europe” he continued.  

PlasticsEurope welcomes any initiative which will increase energy efficiency in the building sector, boosting a low-carbon and climate-friendly economy. "Buildings account for about 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 39% of GHG emissions. Major investments in renovating old buildings and making sure new buildings accomplish the highest energy standards will allow a reduction of GHG emissions and save a manifold of EU’s energy consumption” explained Mr Foerster.  

The use of plastics materials and products across their life cycle substantially contributes to conserving resources and reduce carbon emissions. "Plastics products currently on the market have enabled energy savings equivalent to 53 million tonnes of fossil fuels which would be enough for heating and hot water provision to 94 million people for an entire year” Mr Foerster concluded.
Did you know ?
  • If the EU stops sending plastics to landfill, 1bn barrels of oil could be saved, saving a total of 80bn EUR. © Antoine Taveneaux