PlasticsEurope welcomes Commission publication on Europe’s re-industrialization

Re-industrializing Europe: the next goal

PlasticsEurope, the association representing European plastics manufacturers, welcomed the publication today of the European Commission Communication "For a European industrial renaissance”.  

"The plastics industry fully supports the European Commission’s commitment to re-industrialize Europe in order to achieve economic growth, which will have a direct impact on job creation. We need to focus on securing energy supply at competitive prices, continuing to promote the circular economy and making sure we have the right conditions in place for investment innovation in Europe”, said Karl-H. Foerster, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope in reaction to the communication.  

The European Plastics Industry is a significant contributor to the European economy providing nearly 1.5 million jobs mainly in SMEs and a turnover of 300 billion Euros. It is also an important building block for innovation, enabling the delivery of each of the six priority areas identified by the EU’s Industrial Policy Flagship Initiative: "A stronger European Industry for growth and economic recovery”.
Did you know ?
  • An Indian teacher of chemistry known as Plastic Man has built more than 5000 km of roads with plastic waste.