Plastics industry welcomes EC’s commitment to jobs, growth and investments

PlasticsEurope welcomes the European Commission’s commitment and supports Mr Juncker’s objectives when it comes to jobs, growth and investment that can lead to concrete benefits for EU’s citizens. ”Concentrating efforts on better regulation and effective implementation of existing legislation will have a positive impact on jobs and growth in Europe”, said Karl-H Foerster, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope.  

Mr Foerster also welcomed the acknowledgment of the importance of the Internal Market: "The new Commission rightly recognises that the internal market is one of Europe’s best assets and the foundation for Europe’s industrial strength. However, in the recent past we have seen attempts to weaken it. We are therefore pleased to see that the new Commission proposes to deepen the internal market in order to strengthen the Europe’s industrial base” he added.  

PlasticsEurope also understands the EC’s decision to drop the waste proposal. "As it stood, it was unclear what the impact of the proposed recycling targets was. Any future recycling targets should take proper account of what is being achieved in the best performing Member States” he expressed.  

Any new proposal should include a restriction on the landfilling of recyclable and other recoverable waste by 2025. "An estimated 9.6 million tonnes of plastic waste is going to landfill each year in Europe. This could instead be used for recycling or to produce electricity and heat.  Only a binding European landfill restriction will provide the legal certainty which is required for the necessary investments in waste management infrastructure”, Mr Foerster concluded.    
Did you know ?
  • New plastic sheets laminated with solar cells protect water and generate energy at the same time.