Life Cycle Assessment & Product Environmental Footprint - a high level information day at EUSEW

As part of the Energy Days Events organised across Europe during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2014 (EUSEW), PlasticsEurope will organize a high level information day on 24 June, Brussels, on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

During the first session of the day, attendees will discover best practices of case studies by Volkswagen AG, the Co-operative Group, PlasticsEurope and two leading LCA consultancies DEKRA and denkstatt. The second session will provide an overview of the European Commission Environmental Footprint initiative followed by an early feedback from some industry sectors which are engaged in Environmental Footprint pilots: detergents, water supply pipes, paints, paper and steel industry.

Life Cycle Assessment is increasingly referred to as an important tool to investigate the environmental impact of products and activities. The European Commission has recently developed the LCA based Environmental Footprint for the comparison of products and their sustainability performance on the market. The initiative is currently going through a 3 year experimental phase.

Based on LCA, PEF methodology has been developed to understand the environmental effects of products over their entire life-cycle enabling to identify at which stage improvements can be made.

PlasticsEurope has been a frontrunner in this area by developing and providing reliable environmental datasets for over 20 years, which allow carrying out the LCA of products containing plastics materials and assessing their environmental performance as part of sustainable industrial production.
Did you know ?
  • The typical life span of plastic applications in building and construction is 30 to 50 years, with many plastics pipes installed over 50 years ago still functioning well.