Industries concerned about the possible damage to the EU Single Market

Plastics Bags Commission’s Proposal may hinder key principle of the EU

With the upcoming European Parliament plenary vote on lightweight plastic carrier bags, PlasticsEurope together with the Brewers of Europe, the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union, and the Toy Industries of Europe, expressed their concern regarding the impact of the proposal on the free movement of goods (see joint letter).

"One of the key principles of the European Union is the Single Market. The Commission proposal and the outcome of the Parliament’s Environment Committee’s vote back in March will set a dangerous precedent, and will lead to legal uncertainty when it comes to the free movement of packaged goods.” explained Karl-H. Foerster, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope.   

The proposal may lead to a situation in which some countries ban certain types of packaging, while others allow them. This principle would weaken one of the success stories of the European Union: the Single Market.     

The European Parliament will vote on the 17th of April on the report of the Parliament’s Environment Committee on the Commission’s proposal regarding plastic bags.
Did you know ?
  • Baggage made of polycarbonate resin are ultra-light (light enough to be held with your forefinger when the bag is empty) and yet highly durable.