20-21 October: Conference on consumer protection in Berlin

Plastics industry in dialogue with science and authorities

Plastics are one of the best examined and safest materials of our times. Widespread health concerns and fears in the public arena related to plastics however still remain. This is why, PlasticsEurope is organising a two-day conference on 20 and 21 October entitled "Science Driving Consumer Protection: How Plastics Deliver" in Berlin.  

"This event offers a unique opportunity to network with leading personalities from plastics applications and consumer protection. Moreover, it is a platform for different viewpoints and positions from important stakeholders. By working closely together, we help to build trust in the regulatory process and, on the long run, preserving trust in our materials. This conference is an important part of that process", says Dr Rüdiger Baunemann, Director General of PlasticsEurope Deutschland.  

The conference will address the protection of consumer products, the precautionary principle and risk regulation in Europe; specifically focusing on the safety of plastics used for food, drinking water packaging, cosmetic applications and medicine products.  

The event is meant for representatives from industry, science, politics and media with speakers from both a national and European level. Confirmed speakers include:
  • Dr Roland Franz, Fraunhofer Institut Freising
  • Dr Mark Lohmann, Bundesamt für Risikobewertung
  • DI Johannes Mertl, OFI Österreich
  • Dr Chris Howick, Ineos Vinyls  
The aim of the conference is to debate practical steps in the field of consumer protection and to establish an open and constructive multi-stakeholder dialogue, including the whole value chain. With this conference the plastics industry underlines its claim to promote transparency and to support scientific evidence for a reliable consumer protection.
Did you know ?
  • Eyeglasses specially equiped with plastic lenses allow colourblind individuals to see all colours