Special presentation at K 2013: “Plastics move the world“

The world of plastics will meet from 16 October to 23 October 2013 in Düsseldorf: K – the globally premier trade fair for plastics and rubber – is the industry’s meeting point for innovation, information and investment. On almost 170,000 square metres of exhibition space in 19 halls, over 3,000 exhibitors will provide details. Right in the middle of it all: the traditional special presentation "Plastics move” hosted by the German plastics industry and Messe Düsseldorf under the aegis of PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.

The word "move” is interpreted in a broad sense at the special presentation: it comprises the contributions of plastics to the various facets of mobility as well as emotional aspects like e.g. the arts and design, or triggers for future-oriented solutions. Like in earlier special presentation, K combines the relevant items of information with interactions and show elements.

Five topical areas look by way of example into application possibilities for plastic materials. "Plastics move – people” examines personal mobility with the help of cars, buses, trains and aircraft, including mobility of the disabled. Emotional aspects are considered in sports and the arts – also thanks to plastics. Modern design would be unthinkable without polymer materials; plastics are present on the theatre stage and in museums and modern buildings. The topical area "Plastics move – the future” highlights innovations and visions, covering energy-efficient housing, the medicines of tomorrow, water treatment, and food for a growing world population.

The exhibitions at the special presentation are accompanied by discussion panels with experts from science and industry, the "Youth Day” on the trade fair Sunday, and a daily experimentation show.

A "special goody” in 2013 are lectures given by outstanding personalities. At the opening on 16 October, Joschka Fischer will speak at the stand of the special presentation. In 1985 Fischer became the environment minister of the federal state of Hesse; he was the first minister from the Green Party in a federal state government. Next, Fischer was the foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1998 to 2005. His talk at the special presentation will focus on sustainability. This subject is of essential importance to the plastics industry with producers, processors and machinery manufacturers, as is emphasised e.g. in the sustainability initiative "Blue Competence” of the German engineering federation VDMA.

The VDMA initiative is about technologies and processes in machinery and plant engineering which can help maximise productivity at a minimal energy input, reduce resource consumption, or cut emissions to the lowest possible level.

The next guest speaker is Bertrand Piccard on 17 October. The Swiss psychiatrist, scientist and adventurer was the first to complete a non-stop balloon flight around the globe. His solar powered aircraft "Solar Impulse” is the latest sensation. By crossing the USA from San Francisco to New York in a solar impulse craft without a single drop of fuel, Piccard has opened a new chapter for aviation.

On trade fair Friday, Yoshiyuki Sankai, an outstanding expert in cybernetics from Tokyo, will come to the special presentation. For two decades, he has been working on a robot suit which is intended to give more mobility especially to paraplegic patients. The robot suit responds to nerve-induced impulses of the patients who wear it and supports them in their movements.

Last but not least, John Elkington will speak on trade fair Monday. The founder of the think-tanks "SustainAbility” and "Volans” is a ground breaker in the fields of corporate social responsibility and sustainability development.

All VIP lectures will be held at the special presentation in hall 6, C 40. 
Did you know ?
  • This pen with a water bottle shape is called B2P (From bottle to pen) and is made of 89% of plastic coming from recycled bottles of water.
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