PlasticsEurope supports Polish green cycling initiative “Stop CO2: Get moving”

On June 30, Dominik Dobrowolski, a polish pro-environment activist, will round off his cycling campaign "Stop CO2: Get moving” with a press conference on Place Luxembourg, next to the European Parliament. Not only will this conference mark the end of Dominik’s 15-day bike trip from Warsaw, which aimed at promoting a responsible approach to climate protection and energy saving, but it also intends to give a strong signal to the Polish presidency of the EU and its "Green Presidency” project.

Dominik Dobrowolski is well known for his involvement in pro-environment actions since the late 80s, and PlasticsEurope is convinced that the global issues he addresses require a joint societal effort especially in light of the growing world population and its ever increasing energy needs.

Starting on July 1, the Polish presidency shows a similar commitment to sustainability. Its "Green Presidency” project aims at emphasizing that Poland is ecologically aware by reducing the negative impact of its presidency on the environment and promoting good practices among the representatives of public administration.

Taking heed of this commitment, PlasticsEurope will organise, jointly with the Parliament Magazine, a round table discussion entitled "Are we on target?”. It will be hosted by MEP Boguslaw Sonik in the European Parliament on July 13 from 9 to 11am, and will look at the current state of play when it comes to EU GHG emissions reduction targets and what further strategies can be implemented to achieve them.

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