Plastics Industry welcomes the EU resource efficiency roadmap

BRUSSELS, 21 September 2011 : PlasticsEurope, the trade association representing the European plastics manufacturers, welcomes the Roadmap to resource efficiency published by the European Commission and particularly the focus on the environmental impact of products and services over their life-cycle and on treating waste as a valuable resource.

PlasticsEurope also welcomes the emphasis in the Roadmap on developing a common methodology to assess the impact of products and materials over their life cycle.  The plastics industry was one of the first sectors to focus in detail on life-cycle assessments of its products and has a long standing tradition in providing eco-profiles and environmental product declaration for its materials.

"The plastics industry is committed to contributing to Europe’s resource efficiency by promoting the use of plastics in insulation, packaging, and transport; by developing innovative sustainable applications for its products and by promoting best practice in recycling and energy recovery” said Wilfried Haensel, PlasticsEurope Executive Director.

PlasticsEurope also fully supports the goal of the EU to eliminating landfill in Europe by 2020 as one of the most effective means of improving resource efficiency in Europe, in particular for plastics.  As such, PlasticsEurope would welcome better enforcement of existing European legislation in this area. The experience in several EU countries has demonstrated the environmental and economic value of moving away from landfill and treating waste as a resource. The onus is on other EU Member States to follow their lead and to stimulate demand for recycled materials through economic incentives.

According to Wilfried Haensel "when it comes to treating waste as a resource, the industry believes that striking the right balance between recycling and recovery on the basis of the overall impact on society and the environment will be crucial”.

PlasticsEurope will outline some of the latest innovations in waste management and sustainable production of plastics across Europe in its annual report "Plastics: The Facts 2011” which will be published on October 3rd. The report will be launched at the plastics industry’s  annual waste management conference IdentiPlast, which is taking place in Madrid on 3-4 October 2011 and will be opened by Vice-President of the European Parliament Alejo Vidal Quadras. 

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