Updated versions of the eco-profiles for PVC and their monomer

The newly updated versions of the eco-profiles for PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) suspension, PVC emulsion and their monomer (CVM, Chloride Vinyl Monomer) are now downloadable from the eco-profiles page of PlasticsEurope website. This page is included in the Plastics & Sustainability scrolling button/menu showing on the homepage.

By entering their email (with name and company name at first connection), visitors will be granted access to the overall polymer production flowchart.

Clicking on the PVC suspension, PVC emulsion or CVM boxes and then on the small triangle symbol appearing next to these will lead users to a downloadable information package, including comprehensive reports and datasets in various formats.

The eco-profiles provide information on the amount of resources and emissions from and to the environment which are linked to the production of 1 kg of polymer. Such data are much appreciated by all value chains and indispensable to the Life Cycle Assessment of plastics applications, as supporting arguments for their sustainability.

More information about these polymers (and others) can be found in the "What is Plastic" section of PlasticsEurope website.
Did you know ?
  • A large German automobile manufacturer is using recycled PET bottles for seat cushions in some of their car product series.