Global Plastics Industry is part of marine litter solutions worldwide

World Plastics Council, American Chemistry Council and PlasticsEurope present at two major summits on Marine Environment and Sustainable Business in June  

In first weeks of June 2015, Portugal will host the Blue Week, and will turn the city Cascais for one week into a meeting platform for all of those who care about the ocean. The Blue Week has three dimensions: business dynamics, strategic thinking and political discussion, and the World Plastics Council, American Chemistry Council and PlasticsEurope will actively participate in the discussion during some major summits.

Karl H. Foerster, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope, will represent the World Plastics Council in one of the discussion panels at the The Economist Events' third World Ocean Summit. The event which welcomes more than 250 global top leaders from various sectors aims to set a new global agenda for the ocean economy: "BLUE ECONOMY*; BLUE GROWTH”. The respective panel discussions will provide opinions on how to best manage the input of pollutants into the marine environment and if stakeholders do enough.

Karl H. Foester, speaking on behalf of the World Plastics Council, will examine together with Andrew Morlet, Chief Executive Officer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Stephen de Mora, Chief Executive, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Jose Melo Bandeira, Country Director, Portugal, Veolia what progress is being made and what further actions are needed globally to tackle marine litter, e.g. via waste management and responsible individual behavior but also through circular economy.

In the same week the 4th annual Plasticity Forum will take place on the 8 and 9 of June, just after The Economist Events' World Ocean Summit. This event, sponsored by ACC, SPI and others, promotes a collective engagement among companies, governments and the communities to tackle challenges like marine litter through "upstream” solutions for the efficient use and re-use of plastic. Steven Russell from ACC and Michel Loubry, Regional Director at PlasticsEurope, will present on the 8 of June.

Parallel to this Blue Week, the G7 will take place in Germany, where one of the key topics on the agenda is the protection of the marine environment, marine governance and resource efficiency. PlasticsEurope, together with the ACC and CPIA formulated an official letter to these 7 world leaders, addressing the Plastics Industry’s efforts and joined initiatives on the topic of Marine Litter and offering their active contribution in future  discussions.      

(* footnote: The ‘blue economy’ is nascent and not yet clearly defined, but it offers a vision of the ocean and coasts as a new source of economic growth, job creation and investment. Viewed narrowly, this could simply mean the beginning of a new and intensified phase of conventional economic activity. Yet a more expansive interpretation sees a blue economy in which economic opportunity is balanced by responsible investment in a sustainable ocean economy— a ‘win-win’ scenario where the private sector, acting through enlightened self-interest, is a catalyst for both economic development and environmental protection. In this vision, the blue economy is in itself a source of opportunity, investment and growth.)
Did you know ?
  • If the EU stops sending plastics to landfill, 1bn barrels of oil could be saved, saving a total of 80bn EUR. © Antoine Taveneaux