Fire Safety in Buildings

Fire is one of mankind’s greatest discoveries but can also be a great source of danger in accidents. On average 8 in 1,000,000 people are killed every year in Europe and more are hospitalised due to fire. This risk has fortunately been addressed by governments which have continuously adjusted fire safety strategies. As a positive result,in the past 30 years the amount of fire deaths dropped by 65% in Europe.

Buildings notably represent an important part of the places where fire has fatal consequences. Therefore, numerous national and regional fire safety regulations have been put in place targeting buildings specifically.

Plastics are used in a wide and growing range of building and construction applications, from durable pipes and window frames to state of the art insulation solutions. As a result, fire safety has always been and continues to be a major objective for the plastics industry and an integral part of product design and manufacturing. Over the years, our industry has increased efforts to develop plastic materials, products and construction solutions with lower ignitability and limited impact on fire spread that have contributed to the ongoing reduction of fatalities, injuries and property damage due to fire.

More information: PlasticsEurope view paper on Fire Safety in Buildings, September 2015
Did you know ?
  • Plastic whisper brakes in freight trains are only half as loud as conventional brakes.