Energy Generating Water Protection

More and more regions in the world lack energy and water. A new system now offers a sustainable solution for semi-arid countries: Innovative plastics sheets laminated with solar cells protect water and generate energy at the same time.

It happens in California, Brasil or in Spain: Many areas in the world suffer from drought due to persisting heat waves. Also the United Nations recently reported that the earth will face a 40% shortfall in water supply by 2030, unless water management is dramatically improved. Here comes a possible solution: A new plastic sheets system makes it possible to completely seal large areas of water, thereby protecting water reservoirs against pollution and evaporation, and also producing energy as photovoltaic modules are laminated onto the sheets and supply solar energy. This energy can operate pumping stations to transport service water to dry places far away without requiring extra electricity. The producer claims that the system can retain up to 40% more service water, which can be used to cultivate large agricultural areas.
Photo: ContiTech

Another big advantage of the system is that it is easy to install thanks to its high degree of prefabrication. The sheets can be simply laid and connected. Only an excavator is needed to dig the reservoir, no expensive concreting or large construction sites are necessary. Finally, also maintenance work is possible with very little effort: The tear-resistant sheets can bear the weight of people walking and vehicles driving, states the manufacturer. Moreover at the end of their service life of around 20 years, the plastic sheets can be fully recycled.

Did you know ?
  • The world’s first 3D-printed electric violin is entirely made from plastics.