Eliminating Plastic and Microplastic Pollution - an urgent need

PlasticsEurope participated in a conference organised by the Austrian Environment Agency entitled "Eliminating Plastic and Microplastic Pollution - an urgent need". The event brought together policy makers and relevant stakeholders, both from the industry and non-governmental organisations. All stakeholders took stock of existing knowledge about plastics and microplastics entering the environment and how to eliminate this pollution.  

While the Austrian Minister for the Environment, Andrä Rupprechter, and MEP Elisabeth Köstinger, highlighted that plastics does not belong in the marine environment; Commissioner Karmenu Vella focused on the role that the circular economy has in reducing marine litter. Rüdiger Baunemann, PlasticsEurope Director for the Central Region, highlighted the initiatives of the plastics industry at global level and the necessity to have a proper waste management system and a landfill ban in order to reduce microplastic pollution.

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Did you know ?
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