World's Largest Floating Solar Plant planned for 2015

A large Japanese company is planning to install one of the world's largest floating solar power plants in their home country. Using a floating mounting system from a France-based company, the solar panels can easily be installed on the water. The mounting system is made out of high-density plastics which are resistant to ultraviolet light and corrosion, and 100% recyclable. Already in use in France for more than three years, the system proved that its strong design and connecting technology withstands harsh environmental conditions.
Moreover, the water from the lake cools down the solar power plant naturally and therefore the system is expected to be more efficient than panels installed on roofs.
Photo: © Osesol

The solar power generation system will have a total capacity of about 2.9MW. It is going to be located on two ponds in Kato City, close to Osaka. High land costs due to a lack of commercially usable space resulted in the idea of bringing solar plants on water. The construction of the plant is scheduled to start in September 2014 and be completed in April 2015.

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