UK – pledge4plastics

Statistics by PlasticsEurope show that the UK is amongst the poorer performers among European member states for diverting plastics from landfill. PlasticsEurope have joined a number of key retailers, Local Authorities and brand owners to stimulate public engagement to increase recycling rates through the Pledge4Plastics initiative.

Pledge4Plastics encourages citizens to recycle one more plastics article a week thereby reducing the amount of plastics going to landfill.

Although plastics recycling levels in the UK have met the requirements for recycling under the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (EU), new targets set by Defra of 42% plastics packaging recycling targets by 2017 require considerable improvements in current recycling behaviour and supporting infrastructure if we are to achieve this level.

Pledge4Plastics addresses behavioural change and is targeted at increasing the level of household plastic recyclables collection. Its launch in September is to encourage citizens to recycle one more bottle a week and to think beyond just the kitchen plastics: recycling on-the-go, bathroom and bedroom plastics. e.g. shampoo, cosmetic and cleaning products.
Did you know ?
  • Baggage made of polycarbonate resin are ultra-light (light enough to be held with your forefinger when the bag is empty) and yet highly durable.