PlasticsEurope publishes outcome of Safety of Plastics conference

PlasticsEurope has published the summary report of the major conference "Safety of Plastics: Let’s talk about it” that took place on 5 and 6 November 2013 in Brussels. During this conference, the plastics industry addressed issues related to concerns on the safety of its products, the role of science in policy making, the application of risk regulation in Europe and the challenge for industry to communicate risks.  

The report highlights the need for a greater transparency from the industry in order to build trust, openness and consensus between the different stakeholders. It also focuses on reconciling risk regulation, while ensuring a competitive and innovative industry for Europe.  

The summary report is available to the general public, together with other information on the conference.

For more information on the conference "Safety of Plastics: Let's talk about it", click here.
Did you know ?
  • The typical life span of plastic applications in building and construction is 30 to 50 years, with many plastics pipes installed over 50 years ago still functioning well.