Plastics win the Tour de France yellow jersey

The first edition of the "Tour de France" took place 101 years ago. At that time, the race was held in 6 stages, each of them lasting 2 days, for a total distance of 2,428 km.
Maurice Garin won this first Tour, with an average speed of 25.68 km/hour. He rode a steel bike weighing 20 kg. There was no derailing stop and just one brake! Fortunately, the roads were flat and most of them were paved.
Those days are now over ... Cycling is now a professional business.  

As in automotive or aeronautics, competition bicycles have become real technological jewels, which required years of research & development: functions, materials, design, nothing is left at random.  

While today the rules of the Tour make it compulsory to ride a bike with a minimum weight of 6.8 kg, engineers are still working on the air penetration and aerodynamism of the bikes, on their rigidity, efficiency, comfort… so many key features involving composite materials and plastics. 

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Did you know ?
  • The world is spending 16 billion one-way plastics syringes per year.