Plastics recycling with 3D printing

3D printing perfectly fits into "eco-friendly” consumer trends. It is well known that the additive manufacturing method significantly reduces waste, often promoting the use of bio-based plastics like PLA, a sugar-derived polymer very commonly used in 3D printing industry.  

However, whether printing with oil-based or bio-based plastics, you still produce waste! This is why there are more and more initiatives towards the production of green printer.  

Among a wide variety of projects, 3 designers (Yangzi Qin, Yingting Wang, Luckas Fischer and Hanying Xie) created the "3D Re-printer”. This machine recycles plastic bottles and converts them into raw material for 3D printing. Although the "3D Re-printer” has not yet been publicly released, the designers already revealed details regarding its basic features.

"Plastic products and waste material are part of our daily lives, be it at home, in school or the office,” writes the team on its design concept photo. With 3D-Reprinter, a used plastic bottle becomes the source of a new, useful product that is eco-friendly, cheap and easy to use!   

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Did you know ?
  • Many football stadia in France have lightweight translucent plastic roofs, protecting fans against rain and bringing natural light to the lawn. (Photo: ©Serge Ferrari)