New generation NYC taxis have polycarbonate partition

Times have changed since 1976 when Robert De Niro used to be a night-time 
"Taxi Driver” in New York City! Since October 2013, the acrylic resin driver-passenger partition in the new Nissan NV200 NYC taxi fleet is replaced by plastic glazing made of 
Nissan NV200
polycarbonate (PC) which has high impact resistance, does not impair visibility and offers better fire safety features.
This new plastic glazing is hard-coated with three dimensional double sided flow-coating which results in a smooth and distortion-free surface.

In New York, a vast majority of taxis are equipped with driver-passenger partitions for enhanced in-vehicle security. To give taxi drivers additional safety when working during late night and early morning hours, it is indeed mandatory for every NYC taxi to have a driver protection screen available. 
Did you know ?
  • Baggage made of polycarbonate resin are ultra-light (light enough to be held with your forefinger when the bag is empty) and yet highly durable.