First Polymers and Plastics Innovations Awards: The winners are …

24 September - SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers, Benelux section) announced the winners of the first Polymers and Plastics Innovations Awards 2014 at the "Kunststoffen Veldhoven” trade show in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

Eight different categories were recognised by a jury of industry experts, academia and design specialists. From the 35 submitted applications, 24 were retained for the competition from which 16 finalists were nominated.  

The "Best Plastic Design” prize was awarded to Procter & Gamble for the design of an innovative detergent bottle dosing cap. Pezy was awarded in the category of "Plastics and Electronics” thanks to the development of the 3K micro connector while DSM (member of PlasticsEurope) won in the category of "Material Innovation”. "Best Substitute Product” and "Best Lightweight Innovation” awards were respectively given to VanBerlo and PolyOne

Finally, Conwed was awarded for the creation of an anti-slip carpet underlay while Protective Packaging System won in the "Recycling” category for their electronic device pack. 

The awards competition was organised by Flanders’ PlasticVision (the Belgian Plastics Innovation and Competence Cluster) and NRK (the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Federation).
Did you know ?
  • Photovoltaic road surfaces with plastics will make it possible to power street lighting, illuminated outdoor signs, tram lines, etc.