Christo big air package

Christo big air package18 years after wrapping up the Berlin Reichstag and 14 years after The Wall installation in Oberhausen to close the Emscher Park International Building Exhibition (IBA), Christo is back in Germany with an outstanding new art project. 

From 16 March to 30 December 2013, the world-famous artist is exhibiting his sculpture inside the Oberhausen Gasometer. 

The work is made from 20,350 square meters of white semitransparent polyester fabric and 4,500 metres of rope. The inflated envelope weighs in at 5.3 tonnes, stands 90 metres tall, is 50 metres in diameter and has a volume of 177,000 cubic metres.

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Did you know ?
  • Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a spongy plastic that could help regenerate broken bones.