A voice for the global plastics industry

Top executives from plastics resin producers gathered during the 2013 K Fair, the world largest plastics industry exhibition, in October 2013 and agreed upon establishing a new World Plastics Council. 

The World Plastics Council is to be the voice of global plastics manufacturers and will facilitate a united approach to address global opportunities and issues facing the industry. 

Initiated by PlasticsEurope and the American Chemical Council’s Plastics Division, the meeting brought together some 50 industry leaders from all parts of the world, including China, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America.

Patrick Thomas, CEO of Bayer MaterialScience and President of PlasticsEurope, has been nominated to initially chair the new organisation.

Did you know ?
  • Photovoltaic road surfaces with plastics will make it possible to power street lighting, illuminated outdoor signs, tram lines, etc.