Youth Parliament debate finale to take place in Rome

In March, Rome's CNEL Parlamentino will welcome 50 students for the 2012 edition of the Youth Parliament Debate European finale.

The European finale of the Youth Parliament Debate will take place on March 16. The event will be organized in the CNEL Parlamentino of Rome and will gather 50 students from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Croatia. All of them have won their respective national competition in 2011 and will be accompanied by a journalist from their country.

"This year's debate promises to be captivating," said Kurt Stepping, Communications Director at PlasticsEurope Deutschland. "All students have shown great debating skills during national events, as well as very different and thoughtful ideas on the role plastics play in key issues of today's society. The finale should even go further, spicing up the debates with a mixture of different national perspectives".

The Youth Parliament Debate is a series of European national debates launched by PlasticsEurope in 2007. At each of these national events, over 100 students are given the opportunity to debate the pros and cons of plastics in our daily life. An independent jury made of politicians, NGOs, media and industry leaders then selects the 10 best candidates from each country to participate to the pan-European Finale.
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