Plastics industry identifies key standardization challenges

Standardisation plays an increasingly important role in business activities. Well aware of this trend, PlasticsEurope has organized a workshop on standardization for its member companies and the value chain, which took place in Frankfurt on January 24. A considerable wealth of knowledge and experience on common industry standards was shared.

The workshop was also an excellent opportunity to discover, discuss and analyze the upcoming trends hand-in-hand with reputed experts from standardization bodies. Among other horizontal issues, the following topics were identified as key for the plastics industry:
  • Carbon footprint
  • Sustainability in Building & Construction
  • Construction products intended to come into contact with drinking water
  • Fire safety
  • Packaging waste recovery
PlasticsEurope will now work further on these issues to ensure that all industry needs are covered. The main challenge for the plastics industry will be to further make its own diversity compatible with the concept of standardization.

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