IdentiPlast 2012: zero plastics to landfill by 2020 – how to reach the goal?

Of these, 40% believe that reaching a zero plastics to landfill by 2020 will be extremely challenging in view of the discrepancies existing today in waste management schemes. Also, the lack of enforcement of existing EU waste regulations in several member states is a major obstacle towards reaching this goal. Many speakers highlighted the importance of joint stakeholders’ efforts towards turning waste into a valuable resource - be it through recycling or energy recovery. Indeed, Latest data say that with a business as usual approach, the zero plastics to landfill target would only be reached by the year 2037. Achieving the 2020 objective would create, according to one of the IdentiPlast speakers, the creation of 160.000 jobs in the recycling sector in Europe.

Full proceedings of the conference will be available upon request to Mr Grzegorz Rekawek (

Organised jointly by the international plastics value chain since 1997, IdentiPlast was born from the idea that plastic is too valuable to be thrown away. It consists in an exhibition, discussion panels and key note speeches on identification, sorting, collection, recycling and energy recovery technologies for plastic waste.

The next IdentiPlast conference will be held in Paris on 28 - 29 November 2013.
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Did you know ?
  • A large German automobile manufacturer is using recycled PET bottles for seat cushions in some of their car product series.