What if... plastics vanished?

How reliant are we on plastics and what would happen if this much used, and often much accused material simply vanished? How far backwards would civilisation fall?

Plastics sit at the heart of our modern, technology driven society and make life for most of the developed world a lot easier but what of this ‘magical’ substance disappeared?

Let’s take a stroll into this fictional plastics-free world attacked by a mysterious bacterium that destroys the chemical make-up of plastics.

It would all start quite harmlessly with rubbish bags tearing again and again, bewildered shoppers’ watch helplessly as the content of their bags spills on the floor; usual lines of communications are beginning to fail; internet can’t make connections; phone connections fade and die as well as TV and computer screens.

Can this get any worse? You be it does! motorcars stop as fuel tanks full of holes leak petrol over the roads. Supermarkets wouldn’t have any deliveries and most of the food would perish due to defective packaging. Cleaning products and shampoos leak like greasy sauces from their ineffective bottles and clothes are starting to fall to pieces.
Is there a need to mention DVDs and CDs become unusable overnight? The going gets tough with PVC floorings and window frames dissolving, water supply systems collapsing due to holes in pipes. Meanwhile almost all electric cables would become unusable.
How about health care? Hospital operations become impossible; Disposable syringes, test sticks, tubes – most of the articles in hospitals and doctors' surgeries consist of plastic components. The blood held in PVC bags is wasted as it meets the air and touches contaminated surfaces. Modern bridges made of steel-elastomer blend would collapse not to mention airplanes whose outer skin would flake to pieces.
So, would you like to live in a plastics-free world?