Plastics 2020 challenge

The plastics industry has launched a campaign in the UK to challenge itself, consumers and government to step up resource efficiency and stop sending plastic materials to landfill.

The new website hosts an open debate on a range of plastics issues and is a first for the European industry. A number of topics will be discussed, including bio-plastics and marine litter.

The industry is pledging several new commitments including to help double the recycling rate of plastic packaging in the UK by the year 2020.

In a radical move, NGOs, are encouraged to take part. The campaign sponsors – PlasticsEurope, the BPF and PAFA - believe that only an honest and open debate can lead to a public consensus on the way forward.

Jan-Erik Johansson of PlasticsEurope, commented: ‘through the debate we demonstrate the contribution plastics makes to resource efficiency by excelling on all the ‘Rs’ of the waste hierarchy’.

See broadcast: John Taylor of the Plastics 2020 Challenge explaining plastics recycling on BBC Breakfast (7 July 2009).