News 2009

  • This statement is not only a well-established fact, but is also the title of the new easy-to-read brochure on plastics waste management PlasticsEurope has very recently published...
  • A German supplier has recently developed an exhaust system that uses plastics to increase engine performance and make the car more efficient...
  • How reliant are we on plastics and what would happen if this much used, and often much accused material simply vanished? How far backwards would civilisation fall?
  • 09-03-2009 : Skating on Plastics?

    Why not, thanks to the synthetic ‘skating ice’ developed by a Swedish thermoplastic compound producer.
  • Dr. Ernesto Engel, director of the Swiss Plastics Association, speaks out on WRS World Radio against plastics bags ban motion.
  • A new range of environmentally friendly mobile phones made from recycled water bottles and CD casings have recently been unveiled...
  • The plastics industry has launched a campaign in the UK to challenge itself, consumers and government to step up resource efficiency and stop sending plastic materials to landfill...
  • Despite the crisis, the sports and outdoor branch is still growing, says the German “Forum PET” in a recent press release....
  • New research develops smart, solid plastics which respond to their environment. And change colour under mechanical stress…


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